Price for flat in new buildings in Moscow starts from 119.000 rubles per 1 sq.m

“Peresvet-Invest” analytical centre specialists claimed that the start price for flats in new buildings in the second quarter of the current year makes up 119.000 rubles per square meter in Chertanovo-Yuzhnoye area while the highest price is 517.000 rubles per a square meter in the Central Administrative District.

In elite segment of new buildings average price makes up 400.000 rubles per 1 square meter. The most considerable price rise is registered in the segment of monolith buildings: price for a square meter here increased by 22.8%.

The average price for a square meter in new panel buildings increased by 7.5% making up 132.000 rubles per a square meter. New brick buildings on the contrary decreased in price by 5.8%.

Thus in new monolith building the average price per a square meter is 429.000 rubles, in brick – 381.000 rubles.

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