New Year cottage rental rates in Moscow region is equal to monthly rental rate

According to “MIAN” agency the average cottage short-term price in Moscow region during the New Years holidays rose in price in 25 times comparing with usual long-term rates in Moscow region. Experts see nothing extraordinarily in this situation; landlords try hard to turn to maximum advantage from the holidays.

Analysts points to the fact that the prices for short-term only ten or twelve-fold higher than for long term rent. This year cottage rental price during the New Year vocations is starting from 60 thousand rubles (this is the price for cottage situated in 100 km from Moscow Ring Road in Gorkovsky and Schelkovsky directions. For the time being rental price makes up 150 thousand rubles in 24 hours, taking into account the condition that the party will attend 10-12 people.

“Miel Arenda” company experts confirm that during the New Year vocations the price for 24 hours rent makes up the average price of monthly rent. According to experts’ estimates cottage rental prices in Moscow region this New Year makes up 100 thousand rubles.

Despite the crises the growth of cottage rental prices made up 5%, cottage rental prices which are of greater demand increased by 15%. Among the most popular directions are: Dmitrovskoye shosse (where are located modern skiing lodges), Rublevskoye and Novorizhskoye, where rental rates twice or thrice higher than on other directions. At the same time the average rental term during the New Year vocations according to experts is 2-4 days.

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