Most expensive rental rates of retail spaces in Europe are registered in Great Britain

The highest rental rates of European retail spaces for the 1st quarter of 2010 year are registered in Great Britain. This information was introduced in the rental rates map of European shopping centers, published by Jones Lang LaSalle.

The leader as it was mentioned before became Great Britain (rental rates in shopping centers made up 1,9 thousand Euro for a square meter in a year. The 2nd place took France (1,7 thousand Euro for a square meter in a year).

Russia takes the 3rd place (the average rental rate made up 1,5 thousand Euro). According to estimates of the Head of Jones Lang LaSalle company rental department Mr. James Dolphin the lack of qualitative offer and the shortage of new projects will make for rise of rental prices in high-quality shopping centers.

“Among the main markets where we suppose to see considerable rise in the nearest 6 months are Russia and Finland”, - he reported. The expert adds that some markets still are through force of weak economical growth and unemployment. Among such markets are Spain, Ireland, Rumania and Hungary.

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