Moscow centre is to be modernized but not built-up

According to the Chief Architect of Moscow Alexandr Kuz’min, Moscow authorities are to cut down the area in the Central Administrative District which were planned to be built-up, taken down and reconstructed. The architects of General outlay of Moscow development divided the city into the two areas: the development area and the stabilization area.

In the stabilization areas it is planned to carry out only full repairs and landscaping and public amenities, in the development areas – renovation, taking down and building. “We considerably cut down the development areas, - there is only one third left from the planned area.

The centre is to be changed, but why should we build up and change territories contenting the dwellers and which are not in the interest of the city” – told Mr. Kuz’min. First and foremost development areas cutting down is caused by the great concentration of historical places in the Central Administrative District.

He added, that “we made the only important decision of landscape gardening: we decided to assign the lilac garden on the Shelkovskoye shosse as the separate greenery area, but not the as the landscaped territory of the district”.

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