Moscovites are to bargain off flats in uncompleted buildings

Primary real estate market is filling up by apartments offered by assignment of rights. Now the supply of new buildings by assignment of rights considerably exceeds the quantity of apartments in ownership. According to analytical department of MIAN Company the quantity of apartments offered by assignment of rights is twice as many as in pre-crisis period (increase from 6 to 13%).

Experts believe that the cause of these changes is the delay of delivery date of many objects construction. Analysts draw attention to the fact that there are plenty of apartments in the buildings in initial stage of construction. “As a rule the terms of delivery of such buildings either are considerably exceeded or postponed for several years.

It’s obvious that the most volume of this supply falls to the building which are considered to be the most famous unfinished buildings of the capital”, - analysts say. Experts of the agency didn’t venture to estimate purchase interest to such flats. But they say that the supply in the primary realty market in contrast to the secondary market is increasing constantly.

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