Invest in luxury real estate during the crisis


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In today's unstable financial and social conditions, the crisis has affected each of us. The situation forces you to find the maximum solution to protect yourself and your loved ones by investing the accumulated funds in reliable assets.

One of these guaranteed tools in the Russian reality is undoubtedly the capital's elite housing. This segment has always stood out among all residential real estate, and the experience of previous crises proves that this housing sector came out with an increase in transaction volumes and without serious price failures.

It is noteworthy that it is possible to invest your finances profitably not only for large investors, but also for individuals.

What adjustments can be observed for this period of time?

So, in addition to the well-known criteria for popular locations and infrastructure, the value of residential real estate in a period of turbulence is seriously supported by the presence of a "high" brand in the project. This is a real guarantee that there will be no savings on construction technologies and finishing materials.

Further, according to the new buildings. It is known that getting the maximum possible yield falls on this segment and here for this period about 10% of developers slightly increased the ruble prices by 5-10 %, only about 5% of offers were withdrawn from sale, primarily expensive apartments that remain until the slow sale in the best of times.

The reason for freezing projects at the construction stage in the vast majority of cases is still quarantine, so it is important to consider the level of stress resistance of assets.

Trophy real estate is usually the least affected by market volatility. Bvlgari Hotel&Residences Moscow-collectible lots are not devalued; exclusivity and uniqueness are always in demand.

It is too early to judge how the current situation will develop in the luxury real estate market as a whole, because the key issue for all developers now is time – the ability to keep the company afloat.

The example of China shows that there is a clear dynamic in the recovery – there is a 60-70% growth from the pre-quarantine level.

Summarizing, we can say with confidence that with a competent and thorough approach to investing in luxury real estate, this investment tool has every chance of success.



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