Demand rise for lease of business-class realty

Experts of DOKI real estate agency registered an offset of demand towards business-class realty lease in Moscow. Rental price in this segment increased by 3-7%. Besides, experts recorded traditional for January slackening, deals quantity in the given segment didn’t exceed last year January index.

Experts explain this tendency by wage raise which had place after New Year coming among competent specialists and middle class managers. Quantity of requests in business-class was 24% more than in 2009 year. DOKI company analysts reported that it was registered 46% of requests in economy class, 38% requests in business class and only 16% for elite real estate.

Moreover, analysts presented the following information concerning prices for Moscow real estate in January 2010: in economy class one can rent 1-room apartment for 24 thousand rubles, 2-room – for 30 thousand rubles, 3-room for 38 thousand rubles. In business-class 1-room apartment is offered for 38,6 thousand rubles, 2-room – for 50 thousand rubles, 3-room for 72 thousand rubles.

Elite 1-room apartments were offered for 73 thousand rubles, 2-room – for 96 thousand rubles and, finally, 3-room – for 170 thousand rubles.

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