Demand for elite real estate is to come back to the pre-crises level in spring, 2011

According to the Director of Penny Lane Realty Elite Sales Department Aleksandr Ziminsky a new wave of demand will cover the capital in the end of the 1st quarter of 2011.

RBK-Nedvizhimost edition says that this tendency is to be provoked by the forecasted petroleum price rise (starting from 75 dollars up to 110 dollars for one barrel). In their turn Knight Frank Company analysts believe that the postponed demand and new-year’s discounts will enlarge quantity of deals in country side.

According to specialists’ esteems spring demand is to increase rapidly and amount to pre-crises level.

According to the manager partner of Blackwood Company Konstantin Kovalev the demand for countryside real estate will be relocated from the lots without contract to the ready house and grounds or objects under construction.

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