Deals with budget $1-3 million prevail on elite realty market in Moscow

Deals with budget about 1.2-3 million dollars prevailed on Moscow real estate market. Demand for apartments costing about 3-5 million dollars remains stable.

At that demand for apartments with price amounting 25 thousand dollars for a square meter are not of great demand, frequently because of the fact that these objects are overpriced considerably.

For the time being market is not ready for prices exceeding 30 thousand dollars for a square meter. This information was rendered by Mayfair Properties Company. Analysts forecast stable demand rise on elite real estate market (by 10%) and prices (by 1-3%) in a month.

The following areas are presented profusely on Moscow market nowadays: Ostozhenka (21%), Arbat (17%), Krasnaya Presnya (16%), Zamoskvorechie (14%), Khamovniki (12%), Pluschikha (11%). Supply of elite objects in Chisty Prudy area is the smallest in this segment.

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