Conference "Moscow Government - dialogue with investor"

Conference dedicated to innovations and investment politics in Moscow urban development was hold by Moscow Investment Committee, British Audit Company Ernst & Young and retail realty web-resource on November 28th, 2012.

The issue of site registration and license, plans for site auctions preparation and regulations approval in the areas of cultural heritage in Moscow Central Administrative District as well as development of built-up area were discussed. Positive tendencies in the executive branch of Moscow government were noticed in the course of the conference.

The Head of Moskominvest Timofeev Konstantin drew attention to the tendencies of Committee activities optimization: openness and tenders filing up simplification. Konstantin named the main committee areas of activity in city planning: infrastructure and transport on the areas of “new” Moscow.

The Deputy of the Head of Land Resource Department Irina Tkacheva took up questions of land distribution. According to Irina land auctions are to be recommenced in 2013. Irina also specified rental rates policy for sites under construction: rental rates for lands meant for social objects as public garages, sports and cultural facilities upon finishing the construction will remain the same while rental rates for sites meant for offices, trade etc. increase by 30% from the market site price.

The Deputy of the Head Of Moskomnalediye Aleksey Emelianov reported regulations project terms. In 2011 the regulations for the objects within Boulevard Ring (Bulvarnoye Koltso)were worked out.

he current year was dedicated to regulations for objects within the Gardern Ring. The regulations for sites in the whole Central Administrative District are to be worked out in 2013, the whole city excluding newly adjoined areas - in 2014.

Much attention will be given for renovation of historical developments and vacant sites beautification on the above-mentioned areas.

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