5-level parking will be constructed under Triuphalnaya square

Chief architect of Moscow Aleksandr Kuzmin reported that 5-level parking will be constructed under Triuphalnaya square. Internet portal RIA-Novosti Nedvizhimost adds that constructing of underground parking will be brought about as a part of the program “Bolshaya Leningradka” from Manezhnaya square to Moscow Ring Road and in the context of resolution on modernization of hotel complex “Pekin”.

Besides, it’s reported that because of the reconstruction on Ttiuphalnaya square it’ll be forbidden to hold meetings there. “The project of 2007 year providing deepening down to 5 levels is taken as a basis. If we are to keep to these ratings the ready object will be designed for 600 car stalls.

Announcement about 1000 parking stalls is a mistake. Without additional level we won’t get such volumes”, - Mr. Kuzmin communicated. Chief architect of Moscow adds that parking is to serve to guests of hotel “Pekin”. The monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky will be preserved and restored in case of need.

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