Registration of Foreign Tenants in Moscow

Life in Moscow is easier with Landmark. Help with documents is guaranted

All foreigners must register their place of residence with the authorities within three working days of arrival. In fact, there is some flexibility with this deadline, but we strongly recommend that you take care of these formalities as soon as possible, since excessive delay can lead to fines and other problems. As long as you are staying in a hotel, the hotel reception will take care of your registration.

When you move to a private accommodation, the procedure depends on who invited you to Russia. We therefore suggest you clarify the requirements and procedures with the organization in Moscow that arranged your visa. We will of course be happy to provide any assistance and further explanations that you may require. In case you work for some major company – your company visa department has right to register you at the company address, in other cases the owner of the apartment you reside in is to register you. 

The owner submits your arrival notification, your passport copy, visa and migration card to the local Department of the Federal Migration Service agency. In this case the owner of the apartment grants you the detachable slip of the notification. The owner is to grant the slip to the Department of the Federal Migration Service office or to post it by a registered mail. We should also mention, that each your departure needs a new registration. And it is likely that the owner will not be able to take part in this procedure whenever you have to be registered. The solution in this situation can be the issuing of the power of attorney. 


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