All about parking in Moscow

Moscow is a developing city becoming cozy both for pedestrians and for car owners.The preproject of paid parking lot construction was launched on November 1st, 2012 and lasted until February 28th, 2013 on Karetny Ryad and Petrovka Streets along with adjoin lanes. Payment for parking on roadbed made up 50 rubles per hour. Parking in the yard lots remained free.From June 1st,2013 the parking in the limits of the Boulevard Ring became paid.

4 479 parking paid stalls were arranged by December 25th, 2013 in Moscow centre. On August 1st,2014 t he zone of paid parking lots exceeded the bounds of the Garden Ring. Paid parking lots function no in the area of Moscow-City along with 150 streets between the Garden Ring and and the Third Transport Ring. Parking out of the Garden Ring costs now 40 RUR per hour, in Moscow-City – 80-130 RUR per hour.   
Parking construction is under way now. We should only look into a simple paid parking lots network.

Paid parking in Moscow

Moscow map in the limits of the Garden Ring with paid parking lots marked

How much the parking costs


Passenger cars

(in rub./month)

Battery cars and


Within Boulevard Ring 80  Free
Within Garden Ring 60  Free
Moscow-City 80 - 130 Free
Out of Garden Ring 40  Free

Ways of payment for a parking lot

The parking stalls should be paid before car parking itself. The payment system is described in detail here. Parking can be paid by the following means:

  •  Sending an sms to 7757. 
  •  Web-site/Mobile app*.
  • Using e-wallet VisaQiwiWallet.
  • Parking ATM.

*Muscovites appreciated this means of payment as it is easier, quicker and much moreу and much more efficient then other ways of paying. App is available for Android and Apple.


We strongly recommend you not to park illigaly in the places with a forbidding sign or on the paid parking zones without preliminary payment as the fines are rather sizable. The most modest fine bill makes up about 2500 rubles. 

You can learn more about the fines by the following ways: 

1. Free sms to 7377, indicating in the text the Cyrillic word «штраф», Number of Vehicle and Certificate. 
2. On the web site of public services
3. On the website of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate 

Please learn more about the fines here and here


From September 15th, 2013 according to the parking rules adoopted by Moscow authorirites violators should pay not only fines for the violation but as well for evacuation and parking place on the special lots. 
At this evacuation of a passenger car costs 3000 rubles, 24 hours car storage on the special lot makes up 500 rubles.

Other places available for parking in Moscow

Parking in the fenced yards

If you use your car only on weekends and live in the very centre you can find a parking lot inside the fenced yard of the house you live in. Most likely the house where you are going to rent a flat is equipped by the lifting gates. 

Recently Moscow authorities adopted the resolution making for lifting gates installation in each yard. Thus all the residents of the definite house will be provided with fixed parking stalls.


Underground parking in new building

We should notify our clients that despite the impossibility of underground parking construction under historical pre-revolutionary mansions almost all the new business and premium class buildings are provided with parking stalls. Such buildings are usually equipped with guest parking on the fenced territory and with underground parking under the house.

If you reside a pre-revolutionary building pay your attention to the new houses located nearby. Probably there is one or another parking stall 'shelved' in a new houses located at hand or apply to your personal broker – he shall know if there is anything available in the neighborhoods.


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