Types of residential buildings in Moscow

Moscow residential housing impresses by the great variety of architectural styles, gorgeousness and splendor. There are hundreds of outstanding non residential monuments along with marvelous residential mansions which can tell you Russian history and become your cozy and welcoming home. 

Modern residential estate will pleasantly surprise you by superior comfort and world class standards of housing satisfying the most sophisticated requirements. Enjoy refined pre-revolutionary buildings, be stunned by Stalin period skyscrapers and other outstanding and imposing Stalin period buildings. Have a good rest in comfortable contemporary high-rise buildings. In one word: come and see Moscow residential housing now!

Pre-revolutionary mansions 

Refined pre-revolutionary neo-classic and empire style mansions were constructed before the revolution of 1917. They were owned by Moscow nobility and the holders of rich rent houses. Most of pre-revolutionary mansions are located in the historical centre of Moscow: in Arbat area, Zamoskvorechie, Patriarchy and Chisty Ponds etc. For the time being such houses are restored. Offices, embassies and residential premises are accommodated here. Expats do love pre-revolutionary residential houses. 

Московские дореволюционные особняки не оставят равнодушным ни одного ценителя утонченной архитектуры великолепного века

View on famous Dom Rossii from Sretensky boulevard. Pre-revolutionary mansions in Moscow are refined and goregous. 

Pre-revolutionary houses are charming because of their historical atmosphere, elegance of the facades, splendor of the original staircases, high ceilings, ancient fireplaces, spacious salons and other features peculiar to the golden age residences. At that pre-revolutionary buildings have several week points: they are not equipped with elevators and for from time to time there are some problems with sewage system. But it is a feature of  any ancient building constructed in European capitals several centuries ago. Anyway there is no such problem in the fully restored pre-revolutionary buildings as the brand new equipment installed in these houses corresponds contemporary standards. 

Stalin period buildings  

During the period after the revolution and before World War II very modest buildings were erected in Russian capital. Most of them were the buildings with communal flats for the working class. They had low ceilings and wooden walls. Most of them dilapidated. There are very few restored specimens in Moscow remained in contrast to Stalin period buildings which are famous for the good quality, solidity, pomposity and large scale of building up. Stalin period buildings, named by Russians “stalinkas” have high ceilings, spacious rooms and great number of storage places. The houses having more than 5 floors are equipped with lifts. Entrances are usually guarded by concierges and decorated with plants.

Помпезная стать сталинских высоток - визитная карточка многоликой Москвы

Magnificent Stalin period skyscraper in Kotelnichskaya embankment. One of famous Seven Sisters buildings.

Stalin period buildings were constructed in accordance to individual projects designed by famous architectures. They are considered to be remarkable sites of the city. Especially it concerns Seven Sisters Stalin skyscrapers: Moscow State University building, Foreign Affairs Ministry, administrative and residential building in Krasny Vorota, Ukraina and Leningradskaya hotels along with two residential buildings in Kotelnicheskaya and Kudrinskaya square. 

Brick buildings constructed in 60-80's years

These buildings have many common features with Stalin period buildings but they are little bit more moderate and cheap in construction. 2-5 storied buildings constructed within the years of Nikita Khruschev's governing were named 'khruschevkas'. In Stagnation Period 9-storied brick buildings substituted 2-5 storied ones. They are not so spacious, do not have tremendous entrances, huge living rooms but still they are rather qualitative. They have rather good lay outs. They are equipped with elevators and have strong soundproofing walls. Ceilings are usually not higher than 3m.  

Невзрачные, но вполне удобные кирпичные дома - символ эпохи застоя и оттепели
Typical brick house in Frunzenskaya metro area 

Block and panel buildings 

Economy class realty construction was launched actively as well in 60’s and lasted until 1985. Apartments in such houses are really small, soundproofing and heat insulation are not as good as in brick buildings, and ceilings usually are not higher than 2.7m. Despite such imperfection the flats are rather expensive on the market and can reach the prices for 60-70’ brick buildings and even qualitative Stalin period houses. It happens because panel and block buildings were spread all over Moscow: in the outskirts as wells in the most prestigious Moscow areas as Golden Mile comprising Ostozhenka and Prechistenka streets with adjoining lanes and in Zamoskvorechie near Polianka and Tretiakoskaya metro stations.  

Панельные дома можно встретить даже в самых престижных районах Москвы, таких как знаменитая Золотая Миля на Кропоткинской
Plain panel building in the best residenrtial location in Ostozhenka. Golden Mile

Ministerial buildings 

Houses of superior comfort were erected for political elite of the Soviet Union. Certainly this fact left a mark on the atmosphere of these houses, it has a touch of soviet environment but still everything is comfortable in these houses. The yards are fenced and guarded, parking places are fixed for the residents of the house, entrance halls are spacious and tremendous, they are as well guarded by the concierge and observed by surveillance. Entrance halls are equipped with mirrors and pompous carpets and decorated with inside plants. Apartments in such houses have spacious halls and rooms, roomy balconies and loggias, much storage space and built-in closets.  

Министерские дома незатейливы в архитектуре, но удобны для проживания. Жилой дом на Спиридоновке
Modest but comfortable ministerial building in Spiridonovka Street. Patriarchy Ponds area

New elite buildings

The most expensive apartments for the time being are situated in contemporary monolith buildings constructed within the last 10 years. They are built up in various styles: starting from classicism style of pre-revolutionary mansions and empire style of Stalin period skyscrapers and finishing with ultra-modern high-rise buildings of the district La Defance in Paris. Classical style mansions are focused in historical centre to fit in architectural ensemble of the ancient city harmoniously. Contemporary skyscrapers are located mostly in the west of Moscow as there the boldest ideas of architects can come true.  

Современные новостройки воплощают самые смелые идеи в ведущих архитекторов Москвы
New premium-class monolit building in Mosfilmovskaya Street. West of Moscow

Both types are equipped up-to-date. Building surrounding grounds are landscaped, fenced and guarded by professional security. Big residential complexes usually have well-developed infrastructure and technical support service on the territory. Apartments are arranged after the fashion of European style accommodation. There are spacious studio type living-rooms, cozy and functional lay outs, much storage place, many built-in closets and balconies.  

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