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Houses for rent in Moscow

Rent house within Moscow near the subway Sokol

Number of rooms: 4Total area: 150 m2

Address: Sokol, 0 km from MKAD, Nikol'skiy tupik

SokolRent: $7,600

5 grounds to rent a home with Landmark Real Estate

  1. We know Moscow and Moscow area cottage compounds like a book. 
  2. There are above 90 houses in luxirious compounds in our database and we browse all available house offered in the market. 
  3. Within 1-2 hours after receiving your request we send intelligible listings with qualitative photos and floor plans. 
  4. We arrage viwings of the peroperties selected on the same day you send us the request. 
  5. We pick up on the company car at your convenience and drive through the best townhouse and cottage compound in Moscow and Moscow area giving on the way information about infrastructure and accessibility of the compound.


Top-10 of premium cottage settlements within Moscow limits

Despite the fact the Moscow is a huge and noisy megalopolys you shouldn't search a calm and cozy countryside-like shelter onlu outside of Moscow limits: there are several privy cottage settlements withing 10-15 min drive from Moscow heart.  

1. Serebriany Bor (Silver Pinewood)  
Аренда домов в Серебряном Бору Premium cottage settlement on the nature conservation forestland named Serebriany Bor. The territory is gated and guarded. 

There are 150 dachas, 200 cottages and modern townhouse compound in European style. Each townhouse block has parking lots for residents.
2. Ostrov Fantazy (Fantazy Island)  
Аренда домов в ЖК Остров Фантазий в Крылатском The compound is located in the west of Moscow in Krylatskoye area. Residential ara constructed on the artificial island it is cicled by the park and Tatarovskiy lake.  

It consists of 24 2-level cottages and 19 4-level small apartment houses. The territory is professionaly gurded. Each property has a parking stall in the undeground garage.
3. Painters' village in Sokol  
Аренда домов в Поселке Художников на Соколе It's an old private housing compound 7 min walk to metro Sokol. The village was erected in 1923 and initilly was built up by traditional Russian 'izbas' along with bric English-style cottages.

Nowadays there are about 30 modern mansions on the lots around 6 - 8 hundred sq.m.
5. Ekaterinovka  
Арендовать дом в элитной резиденции Екатериновка на Рублевском шоссе Guarded cottage settlement Ekaterinovka located in the west of Moscow neraby metro station 'Krylatrskoye'. There are 40 private houses on the lots around  14 - 26 hundred sq.m. 

Each mansion is a made-to-order house corresponding the faity-tale architectural style of the settlement.  
6. Godunovo  
Арендовать дом в элитном поселке Годуново Secured townhouse settlement ob Moskva-river bank. The terriotory adjoins Serebriany Bor and circled by the park. There are 20 private houses and grounds of 2-6 hudnred sq.m.

Total area of apartment rangs from 320 to 450 sq.m. Landscape icludes trees, bushes and flower beds. 
7. Sosnovka  
Аренда таунхаусов в жилом комплексе Сосновка в Крылатском Modern cottage settlement 'Sosnovka' is located in the west of Moscow 10 min walk from metro station 'Krylatskoye'.

Compound consists of 2 apartment blocks an 35 3-level townhouses  circled by Moskvoretskiy natural park. 
8. Troitse-Lykovo   
Аренда дома в Троице-Лыково в Крылатском It s a settlement including traditional Russian dachas and small townhouse settlements. Troitse-Lykovo is located on the high bank of Moskva-river between Serebtiany Bor and Strogino. 

There are private houses on tje lots of 6-8 hundred sq.m and gated townhouses compounds with 4-level apartments. Property total areas ranges from 240 to 500 sq.m.
9. Rozhdestveno  
Аренда таунхаусов в Рождествено рядом с метро Митино Fenced guarded settlement located in the north-west of Moscow in Mitino in Muravskaya Street. Rozhdestveno consists of 40 townhouses.

There is children playground, tennis court, guest parking lot and houseowners association centre on the territory. Picturesque forestland within minutes of walking distance of the settlement. 
10. Lianozovo  
Аренда домов в Лианозовском парке Traditional Russian Dacha settlement in Lianozovskiy Cultute and Leisure Park. Located between Dmitrovsky and Altufievskiy shosse withing walking distance to metro station ‘Altufievo’.

The settlement preserved the atmosphere of old Russian dachas at the same time it has all the contemporary conveniences.


Prestigeous out-of-Moscow settlements

The most popular are the settlements located in old dachas villages. Style of houses in this areas ranges from traditional woodedn izba-style houses to minimalism high-tech stylemade from glass, stone and iron. 

1. Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse       
Аренда дома Рублево-Успенское шоссе в поселке Барвиха The most expensive houses for rent and sale are in Rublevka area. Correspondingly the most prestigious real estate of the highest status located in this direction.

The following villages are of greatest demand here:  Barvikha, Zhukovka, Rublevo Residence, Rublevo Park, Gribovo, Nikolino and Nikolina Gora.  
2. Novorizhskoye shosse  
Аренда дома на Новорижском шоссе
Novorizhskoye shosse direction becomes more and more popular owing to better accessibility from Moscow comparing with traffic-jammed Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse. Thus cottage settlements in Novorizhskoye shosse is a good alternative to Rublevka.

The most popular villages in this direction are: Zarechiye, Nemchinovka, Skolkovo, Romashkovo and Trekhgorka located in the nearest proximity to Moscow.
3.Piatnitskoye shosse  
Аренда коттеджей на Пятницком шоссе There are standard Canadian type cottages along with Swiss like wooden сhales picturesquely blended with green scenery. Cottage compounds in Pyatnitskoye shosse, i.e. Angelovo residence and Rosinka are of great demand among expatriates.

Rosinka and Angelovo are located within easy distance to Moscow and Anglo-American School. Both settlements are built up after a western pattern.
4.Other popular suburban areas   
Аренда домов на Киевском шоссе There are more suburban areas which were developed comparatively recently:
  • Dmitrovskoye shosse;
  • Kaluzhskoye shosse;
  • Kievskoye shosse;
  • Minskoye shosse.
That is why cottage settlements in those areas are bured in verdure. Rather good transport accessibility is one more reason to rent houses in these areas.

We would be glad to provide you with all info about best cottage settlements in Moscow and Moscow area. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone: +7 (495) 792-59-49


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