Buy and rent apartment in residential complex «Alye Parusa»

Residential compound «Alye Parusa» — Aviatsionnaya St., bld. 77-79

Residential complex Alye Parusa

Address Aviatsionnaya St., bld. 77-79
Metro: Shchukinskaya (12 min walk)
Building class: Premium-class
Parking: 4-level underground parking for 772 cars, guest parking 
Year built: 2003
Walling material: monolith
Floor structure: reinforced concrete
Floor number: seven 27-48-stored blocks
Apartments quantity: 563
Apartments total area: 51 to 540 sq.m
Ceilings: 3.13 m
Guard: multi-level system
Lifts: high-speed
Air-conditioning: central
Ventilation: input-extract


Description of residential compound «Alye Parusa»

Fabulous residential complex on Moskva-river bank. Total area of the compound is over 400 000 sq.m. Windows of the apartments overlook on picturesque Stoginskaya Poyma and Serebriany Bor.

Residential complex Aluye Parusa consists of 7 blocks coated with granite and decorative brick. The compound is professionally guarded. There is an access check into the territory and apartment. 

Infrastructure of residential compound «Alye Parusa»

There is a vast promenade zone with 2-level embankment of 500 sq.m, cascade fountains, yacht club and a quay for 50 yachts and a working lighthouse. There is a fitness club with total area around 5500 sq.m with a big water world with waterslides and a swimming pool with artificial waves. The fitness club as well offers SPA zone with various steam baths and saunas, gyms and children sports club.

There is a premium class restaurant in the second block, bowling with 7 lanes in the third block, big gym and covered tennis court in the forth block. As well the compound has its own dry-cleaner’s, professional football field, car wash and tire shops. 

Photos of  residential compound «Alye Parusa»
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