Buy and rent apartment in Skyscraper in Kotelnicheskaya emb.

Skyscraper in Kotelnicheskaya emb., bld. 1/15

Skyscraper in Kotelnicheskaya emb.

Address Kotelnicheskaya emb., bld. 1/15
Metro: Tagansakaya, 10 min walk. Kitay-Gorod, 15 min walk
Building class: Business-class
Parking: parking in the building surrounding lot
Year built: 1952
Walling material: brick
Floor structure: reinforced concrete
Floor number: four sections with various number of stories from 9 to 32
Apartments quantity: 760
Apartments total area: from 45 to 122 sq.m
Ceilings: 3.3 m
Guard: concierge, secured yard 
Lifts: new
Air-conditioning: individual
Ventilation: ventilation system 


Description of residential compound «Skyscraper in Kotelnicheskaya emb.»

Stalin high-riser in Kotelnicheskaya square is located 1,5 km off the Kremlin on the first line of buildings at Moskva-river bank. The building was designed for soviet aristocracy of talent. The empire style high-riser is a part of great architectural project celebrated 800 anniversary of Moscow and is included in architectural complex of “Seven Sisters”.

Windows of apartments overlook fantastic views on the Kremlin, Kremlyovskaya, Kosmodamianskaya embankment Moskva-river and Christ the Savior Cathedral.

The interior of the lobbies is decorated with natural granite, marble and fine woods. Walls and ceilings are trimmed with art painting, exquisite plasterwork and bas-reliefs.

Apartments in the high-riser are not as spacious as modern standard claim but yet the premises are charming and of great value. There are many apartments with original interiors: oaken parquet floors, plasterwork on the ceilings and double connecting doors.

Infrastructure of residential compound «Skyscraper in Kotelnicheskaya emb.»

Ground and first floor are occupied by movie theater Illusion, supermarket, shops, cafes, pharmacies, bank offices and consumer-service.

Photos of residential compound «Skyscraper in Kotelnicheskaya emb.»
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