Russian real estate

Apartment and cottage rentals market is rich in our country. We shall facilitate to remove all your doubts concerning buying or renting some property in Moscow. Firstly, we should mention that the newly-erected buildings supply is really blooming. 

Contemporary realty 

There is a wide range of luxirious propery with all imaginable accommodations, professionally guarded indeed notable for well-developed infrastructure with SPA, fitness clubs, parks, children playground with all facilities and landscaping, daycare centers, schools, supermarkets and restaurants, as well as business-class housing estates which are situated within the city precincts and in the residential suburbs. Traditionally, lay outs of such apartments are functional and comfortable; there are plenty of stylish studio-type apartments designed both for young couples and for numerous families.

Modern realty market is intoduced by bisiness and premium class. Business class residential constructions are located in majority on the west, north-west and south-west of the megalopolis metro Sokol area is the realm of busines class property.

New business class developments located mostly in the north, north-west and south-west of Moscow
Business class compound near Begovaya metro station

Premium class property mostly is located in Moscow in Ostozhenka Street and metro Kropotkinskaya, Arbat, Smolenskaya, Tverskaya and Patriarchy Ponds. There are as well several de luxe developments in Tretiakovskaya and Chisty Prudy area.

Posh property abounds in Russian real estate market
Premium class residential building near Arbat 


Historic buildings 

Real estate in Russia abounds as well in sector of secondary properties: in restored pre-revolutionary, Stalin period and ministerial premises, including well-known skyscrapers which are acknowledged masterpieces amazing by their Empire style grandeur. Moscow accomodation is of interest not only in renting but surely in buying and letting, as being a landlord you’ll be provided with a stable income source. 

Restored pre-revolutionary mansions are refined and exquisite. It is remarkable for high ceilings making up around four meters tall, elegant molding, big windows and original classic finishing with usage of ecologically clean natural materials.

Charming and exquisite pre-revolutionary buildings
Pre-revolutionary building in Kropotkinskaya metro area

Stalin period and ministerial developments are very monumental, imposing and highly qualitative. As well they are remarkable for high ceilings and natural materials in finishing. Ministerial architectural style is more moderate in finishing of incoming group but it is notable for functional lay out and all imaginable conveniences.

Stalin period buildings along with 7 famous skyscrapers and ministerial buildings are as well precious housing of Russia
Stalin period developments in Smolenskaya metro area 


Your private house in Russia

Our housing offers plenty of interesting options in the village settlements and in the suburbs: modern cottages with all conveniences, townhouses, cottages with spacious lots for barbeque, gardening and so on. And all these you can find almost in every region. Our agency mostly has dealings with all types of transactions with luxury real estate in Moscow.

Private cottage side by side with City centre is a dream which may come true.  Actually it is a reality despite the hugeness of the capital! There are very few residential settlements within the city limits but still there are several: Painter’s village in Sokol, Serebriany Bor, Rechnik and Troitse-Lykovo villages facing Moskva- River are at your service. 

All-time luxury of a privite house located 10 min by car to the very Moscow centre
Private house in Painter's Village in Sokol area 

Internationa townhouses compounds Rosinka and Angelovio and other analogous residential settlements located in the nearest proximity to the city may let you fill yourself in Russia at home. Enjoy beautiful landscapes, perfect infrastructure fitting to the most demanding wishes. Your children will be always in the safe ecologically place having all the facilities for sports and recreation.

Cosy and homely townhouses in international community residences in the nearest proximity to moscow centre
International community Rosinka

Luxury real estate in Russia satisfies any requirements
Luxury realty is a developed field with all possible facilities for buying or renting apartment without any fuss and troubles. There are many social housing schemes and favorable conditions of mortgage for customers interested in buying realty in our country.

There are all types of rentals: services flats, 24 hours rent, rooms lease and long-term rent. Our agency deals mainly with long term rentals. Acommodation offer is full of advantageous properties for rent. The real pearl of Russian real estate is Moscow market and we are happy to assist you in finding your perfect home in our magnificent city!


Source: Modern Wall Street

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