How to find the right real estate agency in Moscow

Where do Russians search for long term accommodation in Moscow or apartments for rent? Nowadays there are several web-services like Avito and others. But despite simplification of rental and sale deals, the routine is still complicated, especially for expatriates.

So it is still more effective and safe to apply to an experienced expert aware in which area better to search for an accommodation for a foreigner, how to avoid risks choosing a home in Moscow as web-sites are full of unreliable adverts. As well one can stumble into thousands of real estate agencies and we will describe in this article how to choose a proper one. 


Agency which is not like a Mickey Mouse company should be certified. Certification guarantees that the agencies is verified and included in the database of tested reliable companies.

You get extra applying to a certified agency owing to its qualified personal. Brokers working for certified agencies receive special training and take part in programmers improving professional skills. 

In general, people working for certified agencies are not inexperienced and solicited off the streets but a nurtured group of professionals. Collaborating with such an agency you would find an accommodation as soon as possible and without risks. 

Roles division 

A deal in a good agency is carried out by several employees. Frequently one broker deals with a client: searches for potential home, does the paperwork etc. 

In general a broker is a supertasker doing everything and it can be the reason of poor quality of services. To make a successful deal agency should divide the roles so that the broker would be involved in the search and communication, the lawyer — in legal services, the paperwork and so on.  

Proper assessment 

Professional broker except searching for accommodation or potential clients learns real estate technical features and tells with impartiality about object pros and cons. Remember, if they say only about positive features concealing weak points or laugh off with clichés kind of  “there is only one weak point: too much light cause of these big windows so you need to hang thick curtains”. It is a sign that something is covered up. 

Most frequently they conceal weak pressure in the pipes, weak noise insulation, ill-considered communication lines and other things which are not always immediately apparent. It is obvious that agency pursues its interests, and firstly tries to dispose of the object. For this reason they can offer comparatively cheap apartment in good building situated in the heart of sketchy neighborhood and this fact for sure would be concealed. 

Agency respecting its reputation would provide with all information about object pros and cons. If the area is not safe the broker would tip you off that the property low price is the result of its location in the bed part of the city. 

Honest treaty 

It is one of the most important points. Some unscrupulous agencies take advantages of population legal illiteracy and use in contracts such thorny phrases that it is not clear what was meant. The most common terms manipulation is vague concept of services.

They can put in the contact kind of the phrase “brokerage services”. It is a pretty sure bet the agent won’t try hard to search a proper home for you. If you can’t find exact accommodation characteristics turn around and apply for another agency. 

One more term they can manipulate is the duration of the contract and its preliminary termination. At this they can imply such penalties for preliminary termination that you will be forced to tolerate these terms. A broker can give the contract saying: “sign here, everything is correct”. And many people sign. And it turns out that the services according the contract are provided only within a limited period and it can be broken preliminary only paying off penalty to the agency. 

And certainly be careful with blank lines in the contract. Realtor can omit agency fee or the price for the accommodation you search. Signing such an agreement you let off the leash and agency won’t try hard to search the best solution for you stalling for time.

You are surprised why the objects they offer for you are so strange and expensive? Perhaps an agency overpriced the rent so high for a miserable apartment that nobody in his right mind will rent such an accommodation. 

They do it to get the highest agency fees and to show the clients how high the prices in Moscow real estate market are, while rental rates can be much lower. 

Verified agency will use standard agreement in two copies with stipulated fee amount and features of the object you are searching for. 

Deal with Landmark Real Estate agency if you are to rent or buy a property in Moscow or in international compounds in Moscow region. Landmark agency was founded in 1998 and already 20 years has been successfully competing with other companies fulfilling more than 9000 orders. And it is very important advantage taking into account that lots of agencies finishes to exist within their first year. 

Landmark Real Estate agency – is a unique company having official status of the agency for expatriates: employees of embassies and global companies trust their homes search to Landmark. 

You may find apartments and houses rentals in prestigious central Moscow areas and international compounds in Moscow region in a huge company database. Besides, Landmark database is an open for the clients and it is rather rare on the market. Also you may leave a request on the web-site if you haven’t found a proper home and the broker will make up a fresh report with updated listings.  

Landmark Real Estate legal department checks up all the objects and it means that potentially risky options are weeded out. One more Landmark advantage is fixed commission fee tariffs with discounts for corporate clients. It means you may easily find a home in Moscow without any risks and high expenditures for brokerage services. Landmark guarantees legality of the contract and deal. 

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