Elite lodging in Moscow: rent the most delightful apartments in Moscow

It’s not a secret that in Moscow there are prestigious areas, not very prestigious and, let have it straight, “districts-outsiders”. We have to take into consideration the fact that the criteria is beyond all calculation and on this occasion discrepancies take place… But it’s clear to everybody who can permit him to be proud of his lodging and who shouldn’t mention his lodging location in “beau monde”. 

Lodging in Moscow: classification tips

So if you are going to rent lodging in Moscow you ought to take notice of the factors making some lodging for rent prestigious or mediocre. It’s obvious that one of the positive features is historical prestigiousness of Moscow district. Areas where well-to-do and respected people live attract people of high society.

The lodging offered for rent as usual has well-developed infrastructure and contemporary amenities. Among the areas attractive for lodging rent we can name the following Moscow streets: Povarskaya, Nikitskaya Malaya and Bolshaya.

View on Povarskaya Street from the balcony.JPG
Nice views on Povarskaya Street from the balcony of Stalin period building

Alluring adjoining lanes are considered as well to be the best areas for rent of lodging in Moscow: Stolovy, Nozhovy, Skaterny and Khlebny.

Views from the apartment balcony in Skaterny lane.jpg
Views on the buildings in Stolovy lane in Novy Arbat

Streets and lanes of Stary Arbat and Prechistenka also pronounced as elite Moscow areas for rent of lodging. 

Lodging in Arbat Street.JPG

Refined pre-revolutionary housing in Arbat Street

The “living environment” of high rankings of XX century 70th years, namely, Cheremushky and Kuntsevo, undeniably, are favorable for rent of lodging Moscow districts. And, surely, you can’t lose if you are to rent lodging in Moscow scientific core – Universitet area, where university professorial staff lives. 

Beautiful sunset in Universitet area.jpg
Gorgeous sunset from the Sralin period house in Universitet area

Also it’s a real temptation to rent lodging in Ostozhenka area, which is called now “Zolotaya Milya” (Golden Mile). This district was considered to be second-rate in 20th century, now the lodging presented for rent in Ostozhenka st. and adjoining lanes is the most expensive and prestigious in Moscow. It is one of Moscow districts where the most luxurious elite class lodging is offered for rent.  

View on Ostozhenka Street.JPG
Views from a luxirious pre-revolutionary lodging on Ostozhenka Street

No wonder that ecological conditions extremely concern contemporary citizens, you may just only have a look at Moscow smog. Thus, no doubt, that if you are going to rent lodging in Moscow, you’ll be searching for Moscow area with good environment. In that case you may rent lodging in Moscow western districts: the most part of business class lodging is situated in this area.

Although it’s now admitted that both parts of Moscow are polluted equally, as the main source of pollution are not the plants which are situated in the East of Moscow, but cars. The number of cars now is equal in both Moscow parts. Nevertheless, developers prefer to build business-class lodging for sale and for rent in the Eastern part of Moscow. 

We should also mention that architectural attractiveness is a decisive factor making you rent lodging on Frunzenskaya embankment: rent lodging in this area and you’ll enjoy stunning Moscow views…


View on Frunzenskaya embankment.JPG
You will enjoy such a perfect view having chosen lodging in Frunzenskaya area


Good transport access is of great value!

If you are to rent lodging in Moscow you certainly should take into consideration ease of travel. Proximity of the lodging you are going to rent to highways is a double-edged factor: on the one hand – it’s easy to reach some place, on the other hand it’s noisy and the smog is sickening.

But there are a great number of a-list buildings with double-glazed windows and contemporary air conditioning which are close to highways but situated at some distance making lodging offered for rent more likely.

Experts forecast the following situation regarding lodging offered for rent in Moscow: there can be absolutely different changes, but most probably the most expensive and posh lodging will be offered for rent in Moscow core.

There will be many alluring districts for rent of lodging in Moscow, but none of them will come up with the Central Administrative District. Surely, the most promising Moscow areas are surroundings of Moskva City and Paveletskaya which is becoming now Moscow downtown. These Moscow districts are also of great interest for lodging rent. 

Anyway, if you are to rent lodging in Moscow, you have to consult with professional brokers, as Moscow lodging market is altering permanently and rent conditions may surprise you in positive sense, because of multitude economical changes.
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