Lease apartment in Moscow centre

Colorfull city of Moscow is a delightfull place to live and lease accomodation

Colorful and great city welcomes you and offer the most delightful accomodation!

Relocation to Russia is a matter of great concerns for many newcomers, but we assure you that this splendid megalopolis will fascinate you and you’ll find plenty of joy in Moscow. Our provident broker will facilitate you to brush aside common daily concerns and to discover its charms. These are the charms of one of the greatest world developing city where one can enjoy every imaginable cultural, traditional and economical values.  

Complex approach to proper rentals search

Certainly lease in Moscow a suitable property is a top priority for anyone leaving for a new country. We will discuss your hopes, fears and expectations and brief you on your destination. Also we will provide you with the appropriate 'pre-arrival' guide. We will analyze your needs, factor in school requirements and suggest suitable neighborhoods. Then we handle the information, come to a conclusion what kind of real estate matches your specification and budget and make a portfolios proper listings. We act objectivly and will independently check virtually all-available properties.

Having identified a shortlist from a choice of hundreds of  Moscow real estate listings, we will make appointments to inspect each one in turn. Seing round flats should be an exhausting process! As soon as you have selected a lodging we will negotiate the terms and prepare contracts with the landlord. You may find your company has a standard contract which landlords are obliged to use, if not we will advise on all related legal  issues. As soon as the agreement was signed, you will have to pay the landlord the agreed rent and deposit.


Hundreds of best real estate locations are awaiting you

Lease apartment in Patriarshy Pond Best accomodation in Arbat for you
Find apartment in the best expat location in Patriarchy Prudy>> Rent real estate in Arbat, the street of Arts and freedom>>
Refined apartment in prestigeous mansions of Kropotkinskaya Rent apartment in charming Chisty prudy area
Lease real estate  in presrtigeous Ostozhenka area now>> Rent a gorgerous apartment in Chisty Prudy now>>

Landmark real estate is one of the leading real estate companies in Moscow. We know Moscow perfectly and always are aware of realty market tendencies and novelties. Our professional consultants will acquaint you with the market and let you have all information and make all offers based on your requirements from our data base. Please, call us to rent exclusive real estate and we’ll find a dream home for you and your family!All issues of current importance about lease in Moscow are provided by Landmark


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