Compound Ckayka in Pokrovshoye-Streshnevo –10 min walk to AAS, awesome place for your family!

Even in stone jungle of Moscow one can live very comfortably and private enough. Just 15 min by car and here you are in the city center, or otherwise 15 min by car from metro Sokol and you are in the gated compound located on natural park Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park territory. 

Residential compound Chayka (Seagull in Eng.) spreads its wings over environmental area of Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo, right by Khiminkinsky water reservoir and forested park Pokrovskoye-Glebovo. Despite Chayka is located on the area adjusted to Moscow downtown all the city’s blare and bustle don’t reach this oasis.  

In USSR era Chayka was owned by health resort for Communist Party of the Soviet Union, nowadays – by city administration. Chayka borders on closed community Pokrovsky Hills on which territory there is the Anglo-American School of Moscow.

Owing to the school popularity among expatriates, this area became full of residential compounds: palace style low-rise Pokrovsky Bereg, Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo in Beregovaya Street, high-rise Alisa and Zodiak in Ivan’kovskoye shosse.

There are around 30 wooden and brick houses in Chayka, some of the buildings are historical spots protected by the State. Territory filming is prohibited and one can hardly come inside these terrific alleys and very seldom property in Chayka is offered for rent or sale.

Only one brick house rental is on display now. House total area is 150 sqm, rental rates at this are rather high here – 500 thousand RUB per month, taking into account standard renovation without marble floors, golden plumbing fixtures and signing fountains.

However, some potential tenants will love this place definitely. Territory of the compound charms with its great coniferous and birch alleys and abundance of Soviet monuments along with restored historical estates.

Chayka is a comfortable place for a family residence: there are two well-equipped children playgrounds, tennis court, gym, well-arranged entrance to the beach.

The only issue if you forgot to buy a bottle of milk you can reach the closest supermarket only by car. If you prefer public transport to the car, there is a shuttle bus running once per half an hour to metro Sokol.   

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