The owner of the apartment in Bryusov lane, Dr. Prof. Akeksandr Semetskiy

Dear Mrs. Zhanna Avdeeva and Natalia Naumenko!
By this letter I would like to express my deep appreciation to Landmark Real Estate Agency broker  Mrs. Zarema Kodzaeva. Owing to her active collaboration in the apartment I own reside tenants with who we have the relations full of mutual understanding.
While preparing and signing the contract Zarema exposed the high professionalism in collaboration with both sides to the same extant: landlord and tenant. Moreover Zarema exposes, her good sincere will to help. Within 13 years of being a landlord such an attitude exposed by a real estate broker is the first experience!
Certainly, I would be glad to entrust to Zarema our next clients, although I do hope it won’t be a forthcoming necessity… 

Dr. Prof. Aleksandr Semetskiy, Japan
5 October 2013
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