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Релокация, установка дополнительного оборудования, поиск домашнего персонала без хлопот - Landmark Real Estate
Taking into account all the client's wishes we help in relocation, furnitute and equipment fitting in a new home in Moscow


Introduction to Landmark — your friendly partner for real estate in Moscow

You're looking for a place to live in Moscow? This is where the Landmark Real Estate Agency comes into the picture. With 10 years' experience of helping ex-pats buy and rent homes, Landmark's full service concept starts with your telling us exactly what you want — and don't want — so that we can make sure you see only the places with the features and amenities you are looking for. Thus you save time and hassle — and money, if you are in expensive temporary accommodation.

Whatever type of residential property interests you — apartments or houses, in central or suburban districts, or in Moscow Region with a fast link to the city centre — Landmark will find the home you are looking for, either in its own database, or in those of its partners.

The Landmark concept is a Full Service concept. That means we worry about everything so that you needn't worry about anything! We start with the location — you want it to be as close as possible to the places you need to visit — work, schools, shopping centers, green spaces, and entertainment. Then we agree with you on the size, the price range, and the amenities you want the apartment to have. Finally, we show you pictures of the apartments you like the sound of from our picture gallery.

Why the newcomers prefer us:

  1. In our search we take into account: age, family composition, nationality, proximity to the schools, parks, place of work and other clients’ whishes.
  2. Professionalism — we have experience 15 years in accommodation search for permanently busy people.
  3. We know the value of time and arrange the search process effectively at clients’ convenience. Within a day or two you will see all the available rentals corresponding the search criteria.

Once you've selected some apartments to view, we drive you to then locations, even suggesting the times of day when the traffic jams are least acute! After you've made your choice, we take care of all the legal aspects such as drafting lease agreements that ensure your interests are fully protected. Since the legal framework for real estate in Russia is still developing, this assistance is worth its weight in gold! So Landmark is with you from beginning to end.

If you're taking a long lease and some renovation is required, we shall be happy to recommend qualified builders, electricians and plumbers from among firms personally known to us. We'll also be delighted to assist you in installing additional equipment such as a satellite dish, a second telephone line, and in finding a maid and other domestic help.

Our standard commission is the equivalent of one month's rent, but special arrangements may apply in individual cases, the commission fee for the sales area from 2 till 5 percent which depends from the package of providing services.

Our dedicated team of real estate professionals aims to provide the best possible service to you and your family, and includes fluent French and English speakers.

Our long list of satisfied clients includes the US, Italian, Spanish and over embassies, large international and Russian trade and business corporations as Price Waterhouse Coopers, British Petroleum, Samsung, Lukoil, Sidanko, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Schlumberger Industries, Siemens, Renault and others; well known banks as City bank or Banque Societe Generale Vostok and etc.

Recommendations are available.

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