Buy and rent apartment in residential compound «Usadba Ostermana» (Osterman's villa)

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Residential compound «Usadba Ostermana» — Schemilovsky 2nd lane, bld.4

Residential complex Usadba Ostermana

Address Schemilovsky 2nd lane, bld.4
Metro: Novoslobodskaya, 8 min walk, Tsvetnoy blvd. 15 min walk 
Building class: Business-class
Parking: underground parking for 70 cars  
Year built: 1997
Walling material: monolith-brick
Floor structure: reinforced concrete
Floor number: 12-stored   
Apartments quantity: 62
Apartments total area: from 100 to 215 sq.m
Ceilings: 3 m
Guard: multi-level system
Lifts: high-speed
Air-conditioning: central
Ventilation: input-extract, air conditioning system 


Description of residential compound «Usadba Ostermana»

Residential complex «Usadba Ostermana» is located at the entrance to nice cozy park with recreation areas, flowerbeds and children playgrounds. Splendid Ekaterininsky park and Sad Ermitazh are within walking distance to the complex.

The complex is fenced and secured, the inner yard is landscaped and decorated with street lights.

The  building is finished with modern engineering systems of air conditioning, input-exhaust ventilation. The façade is covered with red brick and decorative black and grey tiles. Apartments are equipped with double glazed windows with wooden frames and have window bays.


Infrastructure of residential compound «Usadba Ostermana»

There is a fitness-club with a swimming pool at hand. As well there is well-developed infrastructure of the Novoslobodskaya metro area: restaurants, cafes, hairdressers’, beauty saloons, supermarkets, trading centers, pharmacies, dentists’, schools, kindergartens, dry cleaning and banks which are conveniently near.

Photos of residential compound «Usadba Ostermana»
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