Buy and rent apartment in residential comound «Pokrovsky Bereg» — Beregovaya St., 4

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Residential comound «Pokrovsky Bereg» — Beregovaya St., 4

Residential comound «Pokrovsky Bereg»

Address Beregovaya St., 4
Metro: Vodny Stadion
Building class: Business-class
Parking: 2-level underground parking for 194 cars, guest parking  
Year built: 2008
Walling material: monolith-brick
Floor structure: reinforced concrete
Floor number: five 7-storied blocks 
Apartments quantity: 185
Apartments total area: 85 to 500 sq.m
Ceilings: 3.5-4m
Guard: 24/7
Lifts: high-speed
Air-conditioning: central
Ventilation: input-extract, air conditioning system 


Description of residential compound «Pokrovsky Bereg»

Residential complex “Pokrovsky Bereg” is the second stage of construction of residential compound “Pokrovskoye Streshnevo”.

“Pokrovsky Bereg” is located at the bank of Khimkinsky water reservoir. Compound is erected in classic Russian mansion style.

Facades are trimmed with molding and lights. There is a square with fountain and wide refined staircases descending to the bank of the reservoir in the centre of the compound.

Infrastructure of residential compound «Pokrovsky Bereg»

There are: shops, restaurants, dry cleaner’s, beauty saloon, creativity centers for kids, healthcare centre, tennis court, golf club and yacht club on the territory.

Photos of residential compound «Pokrovsky Bereg»
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