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Residential compound «Chetyre Vetra» — Bolshaya Gruzinskaya St.,bld. 69-71

Residential complex Chetyre Vetra

Address Bolshaya Gruzinskaya St.,bld. 69-71
Metro: Belorusskaya, 7 min walk
Building class: Premium-class
Parking: underground parking for 323 cars, guest parking in the yard
Year built: 2008
Walling material: monolith-brick
Floor structure: reinforced concrete
Floor number: 10
Apartments quantity: 108
Apartments total area:

from 100 to 270 sq.m

Ceilings: 3.5m
Guard: multi-level system
Lifts: high-speed
Air-conditioning: central
Ventilation: input-extract, air conditioning system 


Description of residential compound «Chetyre Vetra»

Residential complex «Chetyre Vetra» is located in the nearest proximity to Tverskaya Zastava square joining two central arterial roads of Moscow – Tverskaya and Leningradsky prospect.

The project is made by developers «Sbegiri» and English architectural bureau.

Multifunctional complex consists of three sections and includes residential area as well as business centre and trading and entertaining objects. There is a cozy inner yard with children playgrounds, recreation area and well-groomed park area.

Apartment in the residential complex «Chetyre Vetra»: are equipped with modern soundproof systems, water filters, ventilation and air conditioning system, the pearl of the complex is a set of high-class penthouses with total area 460 and 550 sq.m. Windows of the apartments overlook panoramic views on old Moscow.

Infrastructure of residential compound «Chetyre Vetra»

There are fitness-centre, laundry, restaurant, trading centre, pharmacies, SPA with a swimming pool, beauty saloon and bank branches.

Photos of residential compound «Chetyre Vetra»
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