Buy and rent apartment in residential complex «Alisa»

Number of rooms: 5Total area: 190 m2

Address: m. Sokol, st. Ivan'kovskoe shosse, 5

SokolRent: $3,600

Residential compound «Alisa» — Ivan’kovskoye shosse, bld. 5

Residential complex Alisa

Address Ivan’kovskoye shosse, bld. 5
Metro: Shchukinskaya 
Building class: Business-class
Parking: 2-level underground parking, guest parking  
Year built: 2005
Walling material: monolith
Floor structure: reinforced concrete
Floor number: 23-stored 2 sections 
Apartments quantity: 194
Apartments total area: from 45 to 184 sq.m
Ceilings: 3.5m
Guard: multi-level system
Lifts: high-speed
Air-conditioning: central
Ventilation: input-extract, air conditioning system 


Description of residential compound «Alisa»

Elite residential complex Alisa located in one of the most ecologically clean Moscow areas. Recreation zone comprises neighboring park Pokrovskoye-Glebovo, Ivan’kovskiye Ponds, Khimkinskoye water reservoir, Chernushka and Khimka rivers, spring Tsarevna-Lebed and sample of XVIII century architecture the manor of noble family Streshnevy.

Residential complex Alisa consists of one block finished with steel and glass. The building has 2-level undeground parking. Ground and first floors are non-housing stock. Residential part consists of 2 sections, each of them is equipped with 2 panoramic passenger lifts and one service elevator.

Framework concept of the complex is a tree, i.e.: elevator zone is a trunk, floors are branches and apartments are leaves. The theme of inner trimming is concept spring-autumn by German architect Tilmans. The immediate proximity to the Anglo-American school makes the compound comfortable and popular place for family residence with children. 

Infrastructure of residential compound «Alisa»

Compound is fenced and 24.7 professionally secured. There is a fitness club, SPA and restaurant in the building.

Photos of residential compound «Alisa»
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