Is it easy to find a short-term rental in Moscow for World Cup-2018?

Football World Cup hasn’t started yet but had blown Moscow real estate market several months ago. Landlords look forward to record incomes from lease – up to 80-100 thousand rubles per month and even more. Lots of landlords are ready to move in their countryside houses to get easy profits. But most of the landlords are preoccupied if it is really worth to rent to fans…

Ole-ole, go to lease!
Actually demand for rent on daily basis is exponentially increasing while hosting the World Cup. And supply is not increasing proportionately. Amount of landlords dealing with short term professionally is rather low. And not each muscovite is ready to dare letting football fans into his home to dust it out. Such balance of demand and supply results in higher rental rates.

Usually average rates for short term rentals Moscow make up to 2.5-3 thousand rubles per day, in the regions – 1.5-2 thousand rubles. But in the period of World Cup 2018 rates are skyrocketing by ten times and by the period of the match can increase by 80 times!

For instance one bedroom apartment with good renovation located not far from Tverskaya Street will cost for fans around 140 thousand rubles per day.  

However experienced landlords are aware that noway they can let out one-bedroom for 140 thousand per month even in Moscow. One bedroom in the centre won’t cost more than 25-30 thousand per day. And landlord should keep his finger on pulse changing the price in compliance with market reality, otherwise there is a risk to miss all the clients. 

Fans versus landlords 
Yet the part of landlords which were not ready to rent out their property for short term dared to lease for World Cup. Despite the qualitative finishing, furniture and appliances in the apartment landlords offer their homes for FIFA period having thorough selection of the clients and reducing risks.

At the same time not only the landlords have serious concerns about short term tenants, but also the fans having booked apartment rentals rather often stumble into situation when landlord calls on the half-way and says that he has another offer and cancels the reservation.   

Realtor helps you 
Cautious tenants are recommended to apply to a real estate agency cause apartments offered by official responsible person are verified by the company and it is always easier to check in ready-to-move apartment with all the necessary stuff as towels, bed linen etc as most of landlords dealing with rent in Moscow are sure that you have to bring all you belongings with you.   

Without realtor one can be stunned with extreme tariffs for short term in Moscow as it is obvious that landlords try to make the most of  World Cup and to lease for fabulous prices while local realtor can be aware of reasonable rates in Moscow in this hot season.  For the time being average tariffs for one day in average Moscow apartment makes up around 10 000-20 000 rubles.  

What you should expect renting a short term rental? 
Taking into account extreme prices fans may expect from the landlords some hospitable movements: to meet up and see guests in the airport, clean up the premises, do the paperwork or to delegate it to a realtor.

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