14 tips to check before renting an apartment in Moscow

Searching an apartment one should check up thoroughly lots of details which will work on life quality in a substantial way. Experienced landlord who are in business for long time know well how to wrap attractively very trashy premises. So tenants should be aware of checkable points to find a worthy proposal.


First check the sockets quantity

Check if there are enough sockets for all your gadgets in the premises. Sockets are the must in each room. Otherwise you have to enlace the entire apartment with extension poles wires to switch to the electricity all the necessary home appliances and gadgets. Check out if the sockets are enough strength to hold voltage. Just switch an electric kettle and microwave oven simultaneously. If the appliances work on a regular basis power supply points hold voltage properly.

check the sockets quantity

Learn if internet and television are installed

There are very few people able to spend time at home without Internet and television. Learn if the rental is connected to such blessings of civilization as Internet and TV. If the landlord answers in negative ask him if he is ready to let you arrange the installation providing that these expenditures would be held back from the rent.

internet and television are installed

Check if there is no mold in the apartment

Mold is a disgusting thing. It is a source of bad smell, it looks ugly and it is almost impossible to remove it and finally it is harmful for health. That is why it is the must to check the premises for dark mold spots. Usually they can be found in the bathrooms, kitchen or window sills. These are the places where humidity is higher.

Check if there is no mold

Inquire about water counters and electric light meters

Rather often landlords don’t include the bills for public utility services in rental payment. It means tenant shall pay all extra bills at his expense. At this rate it is good idea to have water counters and electric light meters already installed. In such a way you’ll be able to keep your expenditures under control.

water counters and electric light meters

Think out where to park your car

If you have a car you need a parking stall definitely. Check out if the parking stall is fixed and reserved by the landlord. If there is no fixed parking stall, have a walk in the vicinities and think over where to park for the nighttime. Check if there are paid parking lots or roomy parking stalls near neighboring shopping malls.

where to park your car

Look out of the window

The question is not about wonderful views. You should check if there is any shop with luminous signs in front of the windows. If you miss this issue neon signs may be the reason of chronicle insomnia. Arterial roads, night clubs an bars as well may make you lose good sleep.

Look out of the window

Ask the landlord if pets has been kept in the premises

This issue is very important for people allergic to animal dander. If you are one of highly allergic individuals see it for yourself that moving into a new apartment you won’t find a lock of cat hair amid the carpet fiber or somewhere in baseboard molding slits.

pets has been kept in the premises

Windows can be opened and doors can be closed easily

It is a must to check if the doors can be locked properly. Otherwise you will be constantly concerned of your belonging. It would be useful also to try opening and closing the windows. If it turns out that the windows won’t open you will have no possibility to air the premises and will suffer from sultry air in hot summer days.

Windows can be opened and doors can be closed

Make an estate inventory list

Along with a landlord make a detailed list of furniture and equipment belonged to the apartment and attach this list to the agreement. It would be useful also to fix equipment defects if there is any. In such a manner you will avoid landlords’ unfounded accusations of property damage.

estate inventory list

Make certain that apartment is not offered for sale

Rather often landlords keep silent of the fact that the rental is offered for sale. In this case usually they may get rid of a tenant once they found a buyer. Sure you will fix penalty in the lease agreement in case of preliminary termination and the landlord will pay this amount. But anyway landlord’s request to leave the rental will hardly make you happy. So try to secure yourself against such unpleasant surprise and rent an accommodation which is not offered for sale.

apartment is offered for sale

What shall I do if something will be broken?

Specify if there is a clause in the lease agreement stipulating expenses in case something is broken not though tenant’s fault. Is the landlord ready to pay for repairs or hold this amount from rental payment? In case the landlord requests for repairs he should be also ready to cover the expenditures.

something is broken

How often you’ll be inspected by the landlord

Do not forget how often the owner would come to check you out. For the owner it is an adequate aspiration to be aware of the apartment condition. But sometimes landlords cross the line and keep tenants under total control. The only way to avoid the permanent tiresome landlord’s inspections is specifying visit frequency in the lease agreement. It is preferable to let the owner check the premises om a monthly basis providing pre-agreed time. This visit can be conveniently combined with rental payment passing.

 inspected by the landlord

Set the «greed limits»

Stipulate in the contact how often and how much more the landlord has the right to up the rent. Otherwise the landlord can start asking soon enormous amount you never could imagine.

greed limits

Set eyes on cleanliness

If you notice that rental is untidy do not hold on signing the contract. Most likely some unpleasant shortcomings are hidden by this mess. You may ask the landlord cleaning the apartment. But be ready for owner’s refusal of further negotiations. He may refer to the fact that he has already a line of potential tenants. So if the only reason for your doubts is dirtiness do not be so quick to refuse an offer. Explore the premises thoroughly and make a decision if you are able to put in order the flat on your own. Have a good luck in renting an apartment in Moscow!


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