Top 10 of the most expensive houses in Moscow: ancient mansions and penthouses in modern residential complexes

The top 10 of the most expensive houses in Moscow secondary real estate market includes ancient mansions, as well as gorgeous apartments of enormous sizes and penthouses in modern residential complexes of premium class built in our century.

The main demand for expensive resale real estate, as a rule, does not exceed 60 million rubles. A large number of offers allows potential buyers to count on discounts up to 25% of the declared value.

However, deals with budgets above $ 10 million are also being made. For instance, in 2019, some buyer paid $ 15 million for an apartment of 400 square meters located in Patriarshy Ponds area, and in 2018 the most expensive three “secondary” properties were sold at a price of $ 49 million.

For the time being, 10 apartments worth more than 1 billion rubles have been offered for sale on the secondary premium real estate market.

1. Mansion in Maly Vlasyevsky Lane, 12

The first place takes an ancient mansion in Maly Vlasyevsky Lane, 12 at the price of 3,000,000,000 rubles.

Mansion in Maly Vlasievsky 12

The mansion was built in 1912 and belonged to the merchant I.M Korovin. The house is recognized as one of those "Gothic mansions" of old Moscow, in which Margarita from the novel "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov supposedly could live.

Gothic mansion in Maliy Vlasyevsky owned by Margarita

The complex in Maly Vlasyevsky, previously used as office space, consists of four buildings that are recognized as residential today. The main building is a mansion with an area of ​​1527 sq.m constructed in 1903 year.

2. Penthouse in housing complex "Vensky House" in Pluschikha

The second place is occupied by a penthouse in the residential complex "Vienna House", located in the area of ​​Plyushchikha in the 1st Neopalimovsky Lane, 8. Lot with a total area of ​​1846 sq.m is offered for sale for 2,560,000,000 rubles.

Housing complex Vensky House

The five-level apartment located on the 12th to 15th floors contains two winter gardens, a living room, bedrooms, lounges, a safe room, a laundry room, a 22 m long swimming pool with panoramic views on the city center and with the ocean water supply, the “fur-store” room with an area of ​​40 sq. m, a dressing room, a shoe and a suitcase room, a separate room for food storage and a wine room. 

Penthouse for billion interior

The observation deck in the attic is stylized as a yacht deck, which one can transform into a helipad. What a nuisance – private flights over the capital are prohibited…

3. Two-level apartment in housing complex "Molochny Lane,7"

A two-level apartment in the residential complex "Molochny Pereulok, 7" in the "Golden Mile" area is offered at the same price that a penthouse in the housing complex "Vienna House", i.e. for 2,560,000,000 rubles, while it is almost twice smaller than the five-level penthouse on Plyushchikha and extends barely to 1000 sq.m. 

housing complex Molochny 7

In the residential complex "Molochny Pereulok, 7" there are only 10 apartments, 4 of which are for sale.

4. Penthouse in Granatny Lane

A penthouse in Granatny is offered for 2,320,000,000 rubles. The property occupies the entire floor of a residential building at Granatny Lane, 8, block. 4.

Penthouse in Granatny Lane

The house is divided into two zones: private and guest, in each part there is a wood burning fireplace. There are two main entrances for the owner and guests, as well as two entrances for staff.

Buyers of apartments worth more than a billion traditionally appreciate the prestigious location and privacy: the presence of a small apartments number and multi-level security.

5. Apartment in housing complex "Lake House"

The apartment in the residential complex “Lake House”, which is on Ulofa Palme Street, 7 occupies 926 sq.m and costs 2,240,000,000 rubles. 

Lake House premium-class housing complex

The 12-room penthouse is located on the 11th and 12th floor and contains a living room with a fireplace area and a terrace, 6 bedrooms en suite with bathrooms and dressing rooms, an office, a lounge with a sauna and a hammam, a recreation room, a home cinema, a staff room and a security station.

Penthouse in Ulofa Palme offered for over one billion

6. Penthouse in Butikovsky Lane,5

Penthouse of ​​415 square meters with an open terrace of 100 square meters giving stunning panoramic views of the Zachatievsky Monastery, the Kremlin Bridge and other attractions is located in Butikovsky Lane, 5. The lot costs 1,349,000,000 rubles. House 5 in Butikovsky Lane was built according to the project of the famous architectural bureau owned by Mr.Sergey Skuratov.

Penthouse in Butikovsky Lane,5

Penthouse comes with an exclusive repair and installed "smart home" system. The property’s fully equipped with furniture and interior items from leading brands. 

Penthouse in Butikovsky Lane,5

The apartment has a wood burning fireplace, a 25 m long swimming pool, a gym and a sauna.

7. Apartment in housing complex "Filippovsky"

Pompous apartment in the palace style with an area of ​​460 sq.m in the residential complex “Filippovskiy” at the address Filippovsky Lane, 8 block 1 costs 1,284,000,000 rubles.

housing complex “Filippovsky“

The residential complex with a capacity of 71 apartments was built in 2002 by the famous developer company Donstroy, the main focus of which is business class high-rise residential complexes.

Apartment for billion in housing complex “Filippovsky“

The apartment is notable for artistic floors from exotic varieties of wood and natural stone, decorative elements made of wood with handmade carvings, plaster cast by the author’s sketches, wall and ceiling paintings.

8. Penthouse in housing complex "Vorob'evy Gory"

Penthouse in the residential complex "Vorob'evy Gory", also is built by the company "Donstroy" and offered in shell & core condition for 1,216,000,000 rubles. 

housing complex Vorob'evy Gory

The penthouse area is 990 sq.m houses: a living area of ​​160 sq.m under a glass dome with a ceiling height of 8.2 m, 5 bedrooms, an office, a variety of bathrooms and dressing rooms, a billiard room, a relaxation room with a hammam, a sauna and a pool. 

Penthouse in housing complex Vorob'evy Gory

There are also two terraces of ​​320 sq.m the each and an open roof with an area of ​​460 sq.m. The observation deck offers breathtaking views of the lake, the park, Poklonnaya Gora, Moscow State University, Moscow City, and the general panorama of the city. A separate elevator leads to the living room.

9. Six-room apartment in housing complex "Granatny,6"

At the 9th place is a six-room apartment of 400 square meters in shell & core condition located in the residential complex "Granatny, 6" offered for 152,000,000 rubles. 

apartment in housing complex Granatny 6

The developer of the project is a famous company "Snegiri" by Alexander Chigirinsky.

10. Mansion in Barykovsky Lane,7

Another old mansion with an area of ​​541 sq.m closes top-10, which can be purchased for 1,023,000,000 rubles.

Mansion in Barykovsky Lane,7

The mansion is located at 7, Barykovsky Lane in a quiet side street connecting Ostozhenka and Prechistenka streets. Historically, household ownership is associated with the genus of the Great Russian composer I. P. Tchaikovsky.

Classic interior of the mansion in Barykovsky Lane,7

According to realtors, the house is notable for its rich facade with stucco, mosaic and designed ceilings with height from 3.2 to 5.5 meters, double glazed windows and frames made of natural wood, as well as the technology of enhanced noise insulation.

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