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  • Reference letter from Samsung

    We would like to thank Landmark Real Estate, Nataliya Naumenko and Aleksandra Mitrofanova in particular in helping us to find numerous apartments for many of our colleagues from “Samsung Electronics Comp.” which were suitable for the families within the budget, on the desired location and even within the short time we needed one.

     The Agency always went “an extra mile with us” regarding all our additional requirements. But moreover, even after moving in, Nataliya and Alexsandra keep helping us out by acting as an intermediary between families and the landlords (rental issues, termination questions, things needing fixing, internet problems etc. etc.). We can recommend Landmark to anyone requiring a real estate company!

    Mr. Eduard Kan
    11 January 2016

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  • Indesit Company

    Hereby Indesit Company expresses many thanks to Alyona Vargina, the leading broker of "Landmark Real Estate Agency", for the long-term collaboration and superb services in accommodation search for our employees.  
    Within the whole collaboration period the search has always been on term and in full. In the course of search works Alyona displayed the high level of professionalism and strong inter-personal skills. 
    We express our gratitude for our lucrative long-term cooperation and hope for further effective cooperation.

    Yudanova E., Head of HR Department, Indesit Company
    2 June 2014
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  • The owner of the apartment in Bryusov lane, Dr. Prof. Akeksandr Semetskiy

    Dear Mrs. Zhanna Avdeeva and Natalia Naumenko!
    By this letter I would like to express my deep appreciation to Landmark Real Estate Agency broker  Mrs. Zarema Kodzaeva. Owing to her active collaboration in the apartment I own reside tenants with who we have the relations full of mutual understanding.
    While preparing and signing the contract Zarema exposed the high professionalism in collaboration with both sides to the same extant: landlord and tenant. Moreover Zarema exposes, her good sincere will to help. Within 13 years of being a landlord such an attitude exposed by a real estate broker is the first experience!
    Certainly, I would be glad to entrust to Zarema our next clients, although I do hope it won’t be a forthcoming necessity… 

    Dr. Prof. Aleksandr Semetskiy, Japan
    5 October 2013
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  • Sanofi Aventis

    Dear colleagues from Landmark Real Estate, I express gratitude of me and of all our company for effective cooperation.
    For us you are the team of professionals, understanding and doing all possible to find what we need acting smoothly and quickly. We should also mention that you always offer and advice the flats and cottages fitting our employees’ requests in full providing them with comfortable accommodation.  
    As well we appreciate that you are earnest and attentive to our needs and vital issues arising a the premises within the whole lease term.

    Patrick Aganyan, Head of Sanofi Aventis Representative
    20 September 2012
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  • Sanofi Aventis

    Maria est l’agent immobilier qui nous a accompagne dans notre recherche d’appartement sur Moscou.

    Elle a su faire preuve de reactivite et fait tres appreciable etait joignable sur son GSM a tout moment.

    Les biens proposes correspondaient a nos criteres : proximite ecole et 4 chambres. Par ailleurs Maria parle anglais et comprend le francais. Fiable et serieuse, je recommande donc Maria pour une recherche d’appartement.

    Berangere et Jean-Christophe Guige, Sanofi Aventis
    5 May 2011
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  • Indesit Company

    We express our gratitude to Landmark Real Estate Company for quick and qualitative search of apartments corresponding the not simple required criteria.  2-year collaboration with Landmark proved their high professionalism and unconventional approach achieving our hard to please whished and gained outstanding acivements.
    Special thanks for skills to strike compromise along with support given to us within the whole residing period in the apartments you found! As well we do appreciate accuracy in abidance of required budget and terms. 
    We wish the best of success and look forward to our long tem mutually beneficial cooperation. 

    Marcellini Costantino, Head Of Indesit Company representative office
    26 November 2008
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  • Pioneer Company

    On behalf of Pioneer Company we express our gratitude to Landmark Real Estate agency  for the services of international quality along with knowledge of local peculiarities in real estate domain. Landmark Real Estate – is the company proved its reliability and showed responsibility for the obligations taken upon.  
    In the name of Landmark Real Estate we found reliable partners which helped us in search of a range of apartments for Pioneer Company employees. Each apartment highly meets our demands: qualitative apartments in the preferable area for best prices found within the shortest period of time. 
    Moreover, company employees support us after move-in and are very attentive to our demands and issues evoking within the whole rental term. We shall recommend Landmark to all the customers searching accommodation in Moscow!  

    Head of Representative office «Pioneer» Masikhara Kavamura
    8 November 2008
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  • Ernst & Young

    Our company has experience in dealing with several real estate agencies and has been dealing with Landmark Real Estate searching rentals and premises for sale for our company employees. In this respect we should mention that in the name of Landmark RE Agency we found reliable partners, collaboration with whom turned out to be quit profitable.

    Landmark Real Estate – is a team of professional managers and consultants proved reliability and responsibility for their obligations. We should mention that working with Landmark Real estate Agency we appreciate their comprehensive strategy while dealing with a client, as well as professional consultations and wide rage of proposals, effective negotiations and high speed of rendering the required information. We do appreciate 

    Landmark Real Estate as the team of professionals in their realm and recommend them not only to our employees but also to our partners.

    Aleksey Afanasiev and Rimma Bashkova, Company Ernst&Young
    11 September 2008
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  • Рекомендательное письмо от Руководителя Представительства компании Amway
  • Embassy of Uruguay

    I am very grateful for your excellent and professional work.
    Specially with Maria and Olga, who were very kind, professional, patient and with an outstanding English. 
    Please be sure that I will recommend LANDMARK Russia as many times I will be required to do it, same way as my colleague did with me. 

    Yours sincerely, 

    Gustavo Piegas Marsiglia
    Secretario del Servicio Exterior
    Dirección para Asuntos de Integración y MERCOSUR
    Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Uruguay

    18 марта 2019 

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